How can you improve your property’s value during a real estate appraisal?

An appraiser must consider all possible market trends and other influences that can impact your property’s value in defining how much your property is worth during an appraisal. Therefore, is the collection of data an important element of a good appraisal process but also a difficult one. Because nowadays we all have access to so many resources where we can find compelling data that could leave you as a seller to believe that your home is worth more than when you bought it for. 

A seller is more likely to focus on all the benefits of the property what would drive to a higher sale price, a buyer is doing the exact opposite thing. He will be looking at the disadvantages to negotiate a lower price. But these estimations are not always true, it’s for that reason that consulting a real estate appraisal is important. They are able to evaluate and to assess the actual value of your property with the right information with an unbiased and neutral opinion. 

The BVR Appraisal team is not only going to focus on the economic or social trends but also on the new governmental regulations and environmental conditions. The market can look stable, but a simple event could have a gigantic consequence on the present value of your property, it can go from a big event as a natural disaster, COVID-19 to a less present event like an increase in the mortgage rates. An appraisal is there to think further away than a buyer or seller, it makes sure that you do not pay more than what the property is worth by comparing various factors. For example, the amenities such as a pool or a certain energy-saving feature as solar panel, living conditions, property size, location and more. Our two other divisions, BVR Digital and BVR Property, can help you sell or lease your property online by making the best advertisement and to share it effectively to potential buyers or leasers. 

  • Indoor Improvement

But what can you do to raise your home value before selling it or to protect the investment you have made in your property? A contribution that can help during your real estate appraisal is to keep your house clean by replacing bad gutters to avoid moisture or to paint where it is needed, it will make you feel instantly healthier about your living space. Furthermore, is it important to maintain a good HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) for the best living space or to have the right LED lighting for each room in your house. One last measure that is applicable for smokers or pet lovers at home is to get rid of undesirable smells that may make your property not as clean. 

  • Outdoor improvement

The first possible improvement in your outdoor space is to freshen up your landscape. This will make your garden more comfortable without costing it too much for you, you can trim overgrown hedges, collect the loose branches… Another alternative is to make your garden more usable and functional to relax by having a fire pit or hammock for example to make it a space that you can enjoy being in. 

Our real estate appraisal has the better tools to determine the value of your property through feasibility studies, market studies, better assessment and more. But that doesn’t exclude that you can make your home more comfortable and healthier to achieve a higher chance of selling or leasing your property to a bigger value.