Company Overview

BVR Group Asia was established in 2019 to provide an independent assessment and advisory services. The company started realizing that there’s a huge opportunity of growth throughout the Asia Pacific market. Therefore, BVR Group Asia decided to invest their effort in to the industries shown below to cater to the markets that have great growth potential to improve our client’s businesses. BVR Appraisal, Consulting, & Research is the industry’s leading global real estate consultant service provider. As we set up our vision before, we are experts in various types of properties throughout Indonesia where we provide a variety of services to the residents, the owners and the real estate investors.

The professionalism of our group, BVR is also supported by experienced and skilled staffs who have worked in these fields of assessment and consulting business. Public Appraiser deploys professional staffs as the most valuable human resources. BVR are getting supports from senior personnel who are well-educated and have protracted experience in appraisal and consulting in the fields of business, management, property, industry and finance.

Our Vision

BVR Appraisal, Consulting, and Research aims to be independent and calculated as an appraisal consulting business & financial and management consulting services in Bali, Indonesia.

Our Mission

  • Building up a strong organization, supported by professional experts, dedicates social contribution and has high level of loyalty and common perception by achieving the goals for BVR with employees.
  • Provide a counseling service that has added value to the users and clients whereas maintain our independence and professionalism.
  • Guaranteeing proper welfare for every employee, in line with the contribution each employee has given to the BVR.
  • BVR determines to realize our MISSION that has been set in the implementation of the work carried out daily. This states about the quality policies and quality goals set. Determination of the quality policies and quality goals is also accompanied by abiding by the quality policies and achieving the established quality goals by hearts.